Receive more reservations and simplify your life with a Channel Manager

Suppose that you only have one room left for a specific night and that you have two Online Travel Agencies (For example and Expedia). To which of the two channels do you offer it? You have to select one of the channels and therefore you might lose the chance of selling it in case that somebody tries to make a reservation through the other channel. Or what would happen if you receive at the same time one reservation from your website and another from that channel? You would incur in an overbooking and in the most unpleasant and inconvenient case, you will have to inform your guest that the reservation he or she made (and eventually paid) is not valid.


The benefit of using a Channel Manager

When using a channel manager, you will not have that problem, because you can offer the same room to every channel - and from your website - and if it is booked by any channel, the Channel Manager will take care of pulling out the room from all the other channels, automatically, 24 hours a day, without you having to do anything.

Furthermore, with Paxer's Channel Manager, you don't have to enter all the OTA's extranets to manage your availabilities or pricing. You do it centrally in the PMS and the system will take care of connecting with all the channels to change the availabilities and prices. This will mean a simpler life, with less stress and no overbooking.

What is in it for me ?

If your hotel has few rooms, you will love to have the possibility to increase your sales using the maximum of your capacity. And if you have many rooms and receive many reservations, you will have less work in contacting different travel portals and you will minimize the risk of errors.

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