PMS – Property Management System

A simple platform for the administration of your hotel

With Paxer's Property Management System you can take control of the most important aspects of your business.
The core of the hotel management system is the "Reservation Book" as the one shown below. In a single look you will be able to see the occupancy of your hotel for the next ten days (or a month, if you prefer). It is as easy as an Excel spreadsheet, but with power of a complete system.

Reservation book

The Reservation Book allows you to:

  1. Add a reservation
  2. Change a guest from one room to another
  3. Check-in and Check-out
  4. Record an expense or a payment
  5. View the account balance
  6. Search for a client, or a reservation

Administration of Hotel Availabilities

Paxer controls the quantity of available rooms of each type to be booked in your website, through an Online Travel Agency, or by your staff. You can change these allotments on a daily basis and as many times as needed. When a reservation is made through any channel, the available rooms are automatically updated in all the channels.

Definition of Seasons

You can define your "seasons", with their corresponding business rules. This will allow you to charge different prices in some days or periods and you will be able to define your business rules, such as a minimum number of nights.

Define Plans

This allows to define the different plans offered such as "All included", "Only room", "Room and breakfast". It also allows to have different rates for different channels. That will allow you to differentiate a walk-in from a reservations through an OTA or through your website.

Handling of multiple rates

This allows to define different rates according to the season, the plan and the type of room. Prices can be defined by person, by room or by occupancy (a combination of price per room and number of guests).

Handling of Additional Expenses

This allows you to manage additional services offered to the guests such as excursions, transportation from and to the airport, etc

Database of Guests and Clients

The system automatically keeps information of its guests and clients. You will always know if a guest is coming back, and when was the last visit. This will allow you to give a special treatment to those who deserve it.

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